Who We Are

Our Philosophy

LaVare’s House is a safe place for people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender and that are seeking a happy and rewarding life free of addiction. Often, in today’s environment, expectations of society’s view of cultural norms, set the stage for LGBT people to experience shame, guilt and depression. These groups of people are at much greater than average risk of addiction, and because few programs cater to these minorities and their specific concerns, LaVare’s House and other sober, LGBT-friendly housing facilities are much needed. Living in an environment where an individual is open to embrace their sexuality and gender identity is, for many individuals in recovery, a crucial step towards overcoming addiction. LaVare’s House provides an opportunity for our residents to connect with peers who have similar experiences, learn how to form healthy relationships and build self-esteem.

Our Program

In an effort to prepare residents for self-sufficiency and long-term sobriety, we offer a phased, structured program with four phases. The first phase is characterized by close monitoring, with subsequent three phases progressing toward reduced restrictions and more independence. A director oversees the house, while a live-in house manager is available to assist residents with their daily schedules in the evenings and on weekends. House activities include planned sober excursions that are also part of the therapeutic process. With consistent adherence to LaVare’s House policies and procedures, residents work over time towards independence, learning necessary life skills along the way. Learn more about our program.

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