Requirements, guidelines and regulations for LaVare’s House



LaVare’s House is an LGBT recovery residence that operates on a phased level of care. We offer up to 2 years of a structured sober environment, designed to introduce individuals to the recovery community and to foster an environment that helps facilitate a life free of drugs and alcohol. 


LaVare’s House is not for everyone and consideration is based on certain criteria used to determine whether or not the individual would be a good fit for the program and that the program is a fit for the individual. All candidates must be sober at the time of application and interview and must maintain continuous sobriety for the duration of their stay.


No job is required for the first 90 days but weekly program fees are required unless you have obtained a scholarship. A separate Scholarship application will be provided to those who qualify. 


The minimum period of enrollment at LaVare’s House is 90 days and the maximum is 2 years.


For the first 90 days, EVERYONE must complete 90 meetings in 90 days regardless of whether you may have already done so. If you are attending group or you are a part of an IOP, AND you work a minimum of 20 hours a week at a paid job, your group or IOP will count as a meeting. Meeting sheets will be required to be signed by the facilitator of the group or the Chairperson of the meeting.


Identification is required at time of application. Acceptable forms of ID are state and government issued. If you do not have a state ID, we will help you obtain one.


All clients must provide their own food and it is suggested they have applied for food stamps or be prepared to obtain food from the local food pantry.












All clients MUST agree to the following:


A program fee of $460.00 must be paid on the first day of every month or if preferred, every two weeks on the 14th. Fees will be pro-rated at move-in to coincide with this schedule. No money will be paid back to any client if expelled from the house for any reason. If you are on a scholarship and you relapse, you could be held responsible for paying back the scholarship to the LaVare Leith Foundation. No client will be permitted to be behind on the program fees in excess of two weeks. If a participant falls behind in excess of two weeks, they will be required to leave the facility no later than 9:00 pm on the 14th day of delinquency. If a client falls behind, a payment arrangement may be made to become current within 4 weeks. This special concession will only be offered once in a six month period.


The Director must be made aware of any past criminal charges, present charges or any pending charges regardless of severity. Any charges that arise from a background check or otherwise discovered, that were not disclosed previously, WILL result in immediate expulsion from the house. No unsettled warrants are charges are permitted unless you have an attorney that can attest to have been retained for settlement.


Honesty is one of the fundamental principals behind sobriety. Lying to the Director or house manager will result in disciplinary action or possibly expulsion from the program.

No smoking or vaping in the house or on the property. All smoking must be done off premises. Clients caught smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco products on the property are subject to disciplinary action including possible expulsion.

If you want to quit, we can help. 


No fighting, yelling or screaming at other clients, manger or director.


Clients are required to make their beds EVERY day, keep their room clean and all clothes up off the floor. Inspections will be done regularly and violations will be written up. DON’T MAKE US TREAT YOU LIKE A CHILD!


Clients are REQUIRED to maintain good personal hygiene. This means daily showers, brushed teeth and deodorant. Please take pride in your appearance and make sure others aren’t subjected to body odor.


Clients will not possess any drugs, alcohol, or mood altering substance including poppers or non-alcoholic beer or wine


 Clients must notify staff of all medications taken at present, changes to medications, and any prescribed after being accepted into the program.

Performance enhancing substances are prohibited, legal or otherwise. 


If transitioning from a treatment facility or other institution, client agrees to follow the aftercare program recommended by the facility, including all meetings and follow-up visits.


It is each client’s responsibility to bring concerns about other housemates to the attention of the staff immediately. This is for the safety of all clients.


Client agrees not to keep secrets that could possibly endanger themselves or others in the house.


It is a violation to use, borrow, take or go through any other client’s personal property without their explicit consent.


All clients agree to attend and be on time to all required house meetings or workshops.


Cell phones are not allowed in any house meeting, workshop or in-house 12-step meeting unless otherwise approved by house staff.


Each client must log his or her meetings each day on a meeting log sheet and have it signed by another meeting member, if within phase 1.

All clients must submit the name and number of a sponsor or temporary sponsor to the director within two weeks of admission. 


For the safety of all clients, doors must stay locked. Clients only have access to doors with keypads. All other doors stay locked. In the event of an emergency, the house manager and director have keys. 


Code must be changed every time a client moves out.


Garbage cans must remain beside the garage. Do not move to the house.


No computers are allowed in bedrooms. You may use the house computer but are restricted to safe sites. Absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHY is to be viewed on the house computer. The Director monitors computers and computer use.

Tampering with the Internet, cable, or house computer will result in immediate expulsion from the house.


Use of social media sites such as grindr, scruff, bbrt and any other hook-up site is strictly forbidden. 


No pets are allowed at LaVare’s House. If you have a pet and it is friendly to people and other dogs, It MAY be allowed for supervised visits or to be in attendance during pet friendly house events. This will be left to the discretion of the director and his board and may be subject to change at any time. If you bring a pet in the house, you will e held responsible for any and all damages that occur to people or property.


All clients must work, go to school or a combination of both, or if on disability, must occupy their week with a minimum of 40 hours of healthy productivity. However, individual recovery comes first over all else. This includes work, relationships and family.


 Clients are encouraged to look for jobs with daytime hours avoiding bars and restaurants that cater to heavy drinking or may interfere with the recovery program.


Clients are required to have a house dinner at least once a week and participate in one house activity once a month. Clients will prepare the dinner and decide on the house excursion. Examples include: roller-skating, ice-skating, hiking, biking, museum, recovery roundup, volunteering, movies, etc.





Drug Testing

*  Drug testing will be completed at move-in and repeated regularly.

*  A failed test warrants immediate eviction. If at any time a client fails a drug test, that client will have 10 minutes to leave the house. Personal property must be picked up within 7 days or storage fee of $10.00 per day will accrue. At the end of 30 days, property will be donated to charity. NO REFUNDS of program fees will be given to individuals who relapse.

* If at any time a test is failed, a blood test can be ordered by a doctor or hospital within 3 hours at patient expense. If proof is provided that the test is a pass, client will be allowed to stay. The director MAY allow a client who relapses back in the program under special circumstances and under a special contract. This is a case-by-case situation. The Director has no obligation to allow a client to return. 

*Reasons to drug test include but are not limited to:


1.  New clients

2.  Random testing

3.  Client under suspicion

4.  Stage one curfew violation


Disciplinary action


  • A write up and warning system is implemented where all violations of house rules are formerly written up and given to the director. A discussion with the director will occur on the 2nd write-up and a decision to be expelled from the program will be made by the director and his board on the 3rd write-up.


  • Recommendations of the house manager and the other clients will be taken into consideration. 


  • Grounds for immediate expulsion are: Fighting, failing a drug and/or alcohol test, stealing, threatening bodily harm to anyone, disruption to the neighborhood, criminal charges that occur after residency, sexual misconduct.


  • Anyone expelled from the program for any reason other than the violations listed in above section on immediate expulsion, will be given 24 hours to find someplace to go. Personal items will be locked in the storage building for no more than 30 days if not removed sooner by the client.


Phases to independent living



During the first 30 days, all new clients MAY qualify for a scholarship provided by the Lavare Leith Foundation equal to four weeks of program fees. The purpose of this scholarship is to give each client an opportunity to settle in and either enroll in school, find a job or both. During this period, each client will earn the scholarship. If granted, clients agree to remain in the program for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 2 years, will be assigned to various jobs around the house or a particular job that benefits the LaVare Leith foundation and agrees to follow all house guidelines. At the end of 30 days, an evaluation will be assessed and permanent participation will be granted or denied by the director and the board of trustees for the LaVare Leith Foundation. 


If you have been approved to enter the house without the required 28 days sober, you must go through an exemption process that requires two letters of recommendation from the professional community such as an addiction counselor or other professional in the recovery field.  Furthermore, no scholarship will be granted to these individuals. The house fees will be required at intake.


 In addition, all potential clients must follow these guidelines:

1. Attend a meeting every day

2. Get a sponsor and begin working steps

3. Adhere to a 6pm curfew (case by case exception if with a group or approved mentor)

4. No cell phone use after 11pm and no computer or other electronic data device in the bedrooms.

5. A written recovery plan due within first two weeks.

6. Schedule a family meeting with director, house manager and any willing family member(s) of the client, who wants to participate in the client’s successful path to recovery.

7. No sex or dating!


PHASE I (30-90 days)

I.  Meeting every day

2. Clients must be actively working with a sponsor and doing step work with that sponsor.

3.  Clients must have a home group they are active in.

4.  Client must have found a job or be actively looking unless they have an approved disability that prevents them from working. House fees MUST be paid on time. 

5. No cell phones after 11pm. A house phone is provided for clients use.

6. House computer can be used but no social media sites are allowed except Facebook

7. All Phase I clients will adhere to a 10:00pm curfew. Violation of curfew will result in disciplinary action.

8. No sex or dating!


Phase II (3-6months)

1. Clients must continue to work with a sponsor and participate in house activities.

2. no cell phones after 11pm. Scruff and Grindr or other hook-up sites are prohibited. Violators will go before the board of directors if on scholarship or otherwise incur disciplinary action. 

3. Clients must submit an updated recovery plan for year one of their recovery. It is recommended that this be done with the guidance of your sponsor. 

4. Dating is allowed after 3 months, if agreed on with sponsor, but no sexual contact is allowed in the house. This includes making out. Dates are not permitted in the house after 9:00pm and only allowed in the common areas.

5. Curfew is 10:00pm with one weekend furlough per month. The Director must approve the weekend outing.


Phase III (6-9months)

1. Clients must continue to work with a sponsor and participate in house activities.

2. 10:00pm curfew remains in affect but two weekend furloughs are allowed each month. Approval is still required. 

3. Clients must pick a charity and donate one hour per week to that cause.

4. Clients must coordinate one house event per month.


Phase IV (9months-one year+)

1. Clients must continue to work with a sponsor and participate in house activities. This includes acting as a house mentor and helping coordinate house events. 

2. Clients are allowed a personal computer.

3. Curfew Extended to midnight. Extension of more than 4 days furlough requires approval and is considered on a case-by-case system. 

4. Clients must submit a plan for success to the director, outlining how the client intends on moving forward with their life. 

5. Client must begin looking for stable housing and move out of the house no later than the 24th month in house. 

6. It is suggested that all alumni continue to participate in the house that gave them a fresh start and help the next generation acquire the same happiness, joy and freedom that they have hopefully found. 



I ___________________________________________, have read and agree to ALL terms of the client requirements and guidelines agreement. I understand that I am not a renter at this property but a client of this program and are not protected under any housing act. The Director, without notice, can terminate my stay at LaVare’s House at any time. 

For the first thirty days, I understand that I am under a probationary period. At the end of thirty days, the director and board will determine my eligibility for further participation. If not granted full participation in the program offered by LaVare’s House, I will be given one week’s notice to vacate the facility.

I understand that from time to time, these guidelines may change as seen fit by the director. These changes are for the good of the clients and the longevity of the program. If, the guidelines do change, each client will be given a copy and be required to sign in agreement or be terminated from the program.


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